Amsterdam, Iceland & NYC: Finding Flights and Planning your Adventure, Part 1

I’m so excited to share that our next adventure is coming in just a few short weeks, and it’s checking quite a few things off the old goal-list for 2017. My husband and I are heading out the 2nd week of March for adventures in Amsterdam, Iceland, & NYC.


We planned to use our favorite flight booking sight Momondo to book flights when we found an irresistible deal on Cyber Monday. However, a little extra digging and I was able to make our trip even more exciting.

Here’s what went down: Cory has been to Amsterdam a few times, and wanted to take me to show me around. We’d been seeing a lot of really inexpensive flights there, so we’d been watching the deals for fights to Amsterdam¬†for about a month. Cyber Monday rolled around and sure enough, there were some amazinggggggg deals on airfare. The great thing about Momondo is they show you which airlines the fares come from. When I noticed the flight we were about to book was on Iceland Air, I remembered an article I had read several months before about their new stopover program. Basically, to increase tourism to Iceland, Iceland Air started offering free stopovers on your itinerary to and from Europe. Iceland has been on my travel bucket list for a while, so I hopped over to their website and found our EXACT. SAME. FLIGHTS. for the same price, but with a 2 and a half day stopover in Reykjavik when I booked with them directly. That was more than enough to convince me to click “BUY” right then and there.

This flight was out of New York, so we waited another few weeks until we found some great low fares from Nashville to NYC, and booked those tickets as well. The whole thing came out to well under $1000 round trip combined for both of us.


We’ll be in Amsterdam Sunday through Friday, and I’m so excited that I’ve got two shows booked while we are there! I am a country singer/songwriter, and my biggest music goal for 2017 was to play outside of the US. I am thrilled to be checking that off so early in the year! I’ll be performing at a songwriter’s cafe Sunday evening, and again on a Radio show for Songwriters later in the week. I’ll be posting as much video content as I can of these shows, in addition to the Live Stream the venue puts up for their performers. If you’re interested in any of that, be sure to follow along at my music instagram (@Anniekennedycountry) or Facebook ( pages!

We’ll leave Amsterdam late morning Friday and take a quick flight back to Reykjavik where we’ll have 2 whole days to explore. Our tentative plans are to spend one day driving the Golden Circle and exploring some of Iceland’s natural beauty, then spending one day in Reykjavik and getting a feel for life in the capital city.

We head back to NYC Sunday evening, and we’ll spend our 24 hours eating amazing food, exploring the city, and I’ll be doing a live-t0-vinyl recording session with a Manhattan based management company. Same thing here, we’ll be doing a ton of live videos and other content, so we’d love for you to join us on social media for that!

Rest assured there will be A LOT of post-trip posts full of photos, stories, and memories, but until then, stay tuned for more of our planning process when traveling abroad. Look out early next week for a post on packing for a trip like this, and how I used the online second-hand retailer ThredUp to grab some essentials!